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Sharon J. Long


Welcome to My Web Site
Glad you stopped by for a visit! Please visit often.
I am now a published author which has been a lifetime dream of mine come true. I hope you will enjoy reading my first novel and all future ones that will be upcoming very soon.

My husband took this photo of me that he thought was great! Me, on the other hand says it needs some work.Probably just me needs work; I never was photogenic! New photo will be displayed when I have another made, ( maybe by 'hubby' again!)

My Favorite Things To Do
I like reading ( of course) and writing is my most passion. Love outdoor activities with family. The main love of my life is spending quality time with my four grand-son's.

Some of My Favorite People
My list of favorite people is so long that I could not even start to mention all of them. But, of course my husband Roger is one of the favorites. Coming in there a close second is my three children; Vickie, Christinia and Christopher. To top off the list of the most favorite; my grand-son's!

Name of first novel; " SUNSHINE "
ISBN # 1-4137-0339-9

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