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" Carolyn's Wonderland "

This is my newest novel  released after the sequel to 'Sunshine'. What is Carolyn's Wonderland? It is a story compiled with fiction/non-fiction facts concerning Pittman's Country Christmas in Bulls Gap, TN. You will travel with Morris and Carolyn Pittman from the day they first opened Country Christmas on through the final closing. This novel is as realistic as the author could make it possible from stories told to me from the family. It is very touching in ways as they talk about the trials and tribulations they went through each year to open Country Christmas. And the children's faces that lit up like the brighest sun when they opened a gift bought from the money raised at this magnificent display of Christmas love and joy.

I feel very fortunate that the Pittman family allowed me to write this story to share with the world. It is amazing at the hard work that was involved each year untill you go behind the scenes. This can also be purchased by visiting my storefront at:


If you would like to be added to our mailing list so that you will be informed as soon as this goes to press; please drop me an e-mail. 


Future Novel's

There is a sequel to "SUNSHINE" just released. It is titled, "Sunshine's Vision's" and takes you as the reader on further into the life of Jama Greene. 

"Wheels of Love" has just now been released and ready for purchase for only $9.95! Please go to my storefront for more details on this novel:


"Let me be Me" is a childrens novel set in the Smoky Mt. region targeted for age 9 and up. Also found in my storefront-retails for $8.95

A pet peeve of mine that is also being considered is a true life story about me; the author. It deals with me living in six months of terror from a disease that could not be detected. it will be called, "The Death that Nver Came". 

Is that really me ????